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The Advantages of an ISB Education

There are as many reasons to take an IB education and joining the ISB community as there are students in our school. However, we would like to emphasis what in our opinion are some of the main advantages of being a student at ISB.

Ten aspects that make ISB an international school of choice:

  1. Our community embraces our diverse and inclusive student, teacher and parent body.
  2. We are the first MYP accredited school globally.
  3. We have 35 nationalities.
  4. We have a 1:7 teaching ratio.
  5. Class sizes range from 15 to 22.
  6. Parents are partners in our children’s education.
  7. Teachers’ nationalities reflect our diverse student population.
  8. Teacher’s qualifications are recognized both by Norwegian as well as international countries around the globe.
  9. We intentionally plan for learning both inside the classroom and in the wider community.
  10. Each of our students integrates technology where it supports learning best.

Message from ISB's Director Viki Stiebert