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Impact Project 2023

Community Cove

ISB’s library and multimedia area is called the ISB Community Cove. The name reflects its mission of being ‘a space to spark curiosity, where ideas meet and learners are equipped with skills to adapt and thrive’.

To further promote these important attributes to the school community and student life at ISB, extensive renovations and new furnishings is the focus point of ISB fundraising efforts through the Voluntary Levy in 2023.

As a school, we are very much aware of how important reading is as a tool for learning and research shows that this leads to long term success in students’ lives.

This is something we want to promote and cater to in every way possible. Therefore, our aim is to encourage our students to have an inspiring learning space where they can access books and enjoy reading.

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“The Community Cove is a space to spark curiosity, where ideas meet and learners are equipped with the skills to adapt and thrive,”

– Jules Crossley-Nilsen, CC Coordinator

In addition to this, we also want them to have a collaboration space where they can be creative and form new ideas, promote reading and make the Community Cove’s mission become a reality.

To reach our goal of expanding the concept of such a learning space, we wish to raise 300 000 NOK together with our community by the end of this calendar year. As always, every contribution matters. 

With your funding, we have already managed to build new shelves, our very own Bryggen, in the Community Cove. We now need to complete our student and staff’s vision by purchasing the following.