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How to Apply

ISB wishes to accept all qualified applicants and shall make every effort to provide the resources needed for expected enrolment.

We are honoured that you are considering sending your child/children to our school. Every family has their very own reasons as to why they choose to have their children attend the International School of Bergen, yet we have made a list of important aspects to why we believe you should choose us

When it comes to the cost, ISB have several tuition fee schedules depending on specific elements which are outlined here. If you have questions as to what the tuition covers, then please read this detailed overview.

Now, when it comes to the actual admission process itself, a successful admission process involves 3 steps. These 3 steps consist of the application, followed by a placement process before being enrolled and the new family will be welcomed into our community.

The Admissions Process involves the 3 steps outlined below:

For students leaving ISB, there’s one month notice for termination.