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Questions from Parents

Even if every family and each process of coming to ISB is different, we see that there are certain questions that are asked more often than others. We have answered some of the most frequent ones below.

My child does not speak English, can they still attend ISB? 
Yes, they can. We have a highly experienced Learning and Wellbeing team who are here to support English language learners. 
Will my child(ren) learn Norwegian? 
All of our students will learn Norwegian. We provide a differentiated approach that bears positive results which are reflected  in our Norwegian National Tests results.
What is the average student class size? 
Our classes in Grade 1-10 range from 15-22 with the average being 18. 
In what way(s) is ISB authorised by the Norwegian government? 
ISB is obliged to deliver aspects of the Norwegian National curriculum. ISB complies with these requirements and has been approved by UDIR. ISB uses the Norwegian Framework in our ECC. 
Does ISB offer scholarships and/or financial aid? 
ISB does not offer scholarships, however in Grade 1-10 we offer a sibling reduction of 25% for families who pay Tuition C. 
Does ISB offer boarding services? 
No, ISB is a day school only. 
What is the staff-student ratio in the ECC? 
ISB complies with the Bergen Kommune staffing ratios in our ECC.