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The International School of Bergen is a not-for-profit school.

Our tuition schedule as outlined in the ISB Policy Handbook and fees listed below, are effective as of school year 2023 - 2024.

3.30        Income from Tution Fees

Annually, at the time that the final budget is adopted, the Board shall set tuition fees for the ensuing school year. The tuition fee schedule shall be established according to estimated student enrolment, available financial resources and budget requirements.

In order to supply the Board with the necessary background data the Director will carry out an enrolment survey and a projection of staff requirements. The Director shall develop and the Board shall approve procedures and regulations regarding the payment of tuition fees. Before a student is admitted, parents shall be advised of tuition and other fees.

The International School of Bergen maintains a tiered tuition fee schedule.


1.    Tuition for students of the ECC is in line with Bergen Kommune tuition.

Grades 1 - 10

Additionally Tuition C may apply to special cases as approved by the Director and the Board of Trustees.

The burden of proof of being allocated to a Tuition level is on the applicant. Should a privately paying family who have two parents/guardians falling into different Tuition categories they will initially be placed on Tuition B before being able to be considered for Tuition C.

Approved:        March 1984
Revised:        October 1996, May 2002, May 2006, December 2010, April 2016, April 2020, May 2021

The Board of Trustees wishes to reward parents of students grades 1 - 10 who settle their annual tuition accounts by August 10th by giving a 2.5% rebate. 

If paying on a Term basis, tuition must be paid on or before the start of the term as indicated above.

For those paying on a monthly basis, the FIRST monthly payment SHALL be paid in AUGUST and the LAST in MARCH

Fees in Preschool/Kindergarten may be subject to regulation in January if determined by the government's national budget. Students enrolling in Preschool or Kindergarten after the start of a month will be charged for the entire month during which they enrol. 

Students enrolling in Grade 1 through 10 after the start of the school year will be charged for the entire month during which they enrol. No tuition refunds will be given to departing students for uncompleted fractions of a month in which they are enrolled. The Early Deposit is non-refundable. 


Extended supervision is available at no additional charge for students in Preschool and Kindergarten. Extended supervision of children in Grade 1 through Grade 4 is available at a cost of NOK 5 835 per child for morning and afternoon. For morning only the cost is NOK 3100 and for afternoon only the cost is NOK 3500. Payment is per trimester and are billed separately. Supervision hours are from 07:30 until 08:45 and from 15.00 until 16:30. Supervision times are day care only and are not designed to have an educational component. 

DISCLAIMER: ISB treats each application individually and therefore the school reserves the right to adjust fees when the offer for a place is confirmed. Fees are adjusted on an annual basis and the school will confirm the relevant fees when the offer for a place is confirmed.