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Community Cove (Library)

Welcome to the Community Cove

The Community Cove is a designated area for resources and media to support our students' learning and development. It is a bright and welcoming learning space with big windows allowing for lots of natural lights.

The Community Cove has around 12,500 resources in book format and we also work with digital systems Destiny from Follett, Newsbank and Britannica Encyclopedia online as well as Google.

ECC and Lower School have weekly lessons in the Community Cove throughout the school year.  Upper School also has lessons in the Community Cove mostly at the beginning of the school year to set up students to use systems and also go through Academic Integrity and Digital Citizenship.

“The Community Cove is a space to spark curiosity, where ideas meet and learners are equipped with the skills to adapt and thrive,”

– Jules Crossley-Nilsen, CC Coordinator

Students are encouraged to come to the Community Cove as much as possible to work and also relax and choose resources to take home.  This can be during the class time or at specified break times.  The Community Cove timetable is drawn up at the beginning of each school year.  The timetable and opening times for the school year will be posted here should any of our ISB Community like to check out resources.


The Community Cover relies on voluntary help from parents and students and without this services would not be as widely available.