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Early Childhood Centre

Preschool and Kindergarten

ISB Early Childhood Centre AS (ECC) encompasses Preschool groups 1&2, 2, 3&4 and Kindergarten and make up the first five years of ISB's Lower School. A high staff to student ratio is maintained for this age group. We provide an inclusive and safe learning and play environment, through organising our students in small groups where the individual child has a voice. We currently have 45 students in the ECC.

In the ECC we work inline with the Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate. We also follow the Norwegian Kindergarten Act and the Norwegian Framework plan for Kindergartens.

Our language of instruction is English.

Fees for Preschool 1&2 to Kindergarten

School year 2023-2024: 33000 NOK per annum from Preschool 1&2 to Kindergarten. Families with more than one sibling in the ECC will receive the Bergen Kommune sibling discount.  This discount will be refunded to families during the months of January and June.

Fees are aligned with all Preschools supported by Bergen Kommune. ECC's opening hours are 7:30 - 16:30.

“I love seeing our students grow through inquiry-based play in an inclusive, safe and inspiring learning environment,”

– Laura McGuffie, ECC Principal

The PYP curriculum

The PYP curriculum has an international perspective that recognizes and welcomes the diversity of student experiences and backgrounds. We strive to develop internationally minded students who demonstrate the attributes of the IB Learner Profile.

We use an inquiry-based approach, using teaching methods which build upon individual understandings, knowledge and interests. In developing critical thinking skills, students inquire into how to learn and how to delve deeper.

The units of inquiry make up the Programme of Inquiry. These units are developed under the IB’s Transdisciplinary Themes, making learning for understanding more effective.

Each unit of inquiry allows the students to explore key concepts, including:

  • Form: ‘What is it like?’
  • Function: ‘How does it work?’
  • Reflection: ‘How do we know?’

The PYP also encompasses the development of transdisciplinary skills which transcend the individual subject areas. These include thinking, communication, social, research and self-management skills. More details in our ECC Comprehensive Guide.

The Norwegian Framework plan for Kindergartens

The Norwegian Framework plan for Kindergartens - contents and tasks is the main management tool in the ECC, and ensures that we work in line with the Norwegian Kindergarten Act, when aiming for a high quality learning and play environment for our students. The Norwegian Framework plan is also offered as the main curriculum to our youngest students in Preschool 1&2 and preschool 2. The PYP program has been developed to support students learning and play from the age of 3. In the ECC AS Comprehensive Guide you can read more about how these two curricula have a lot in common, which ensures alignment and progression in the students' learning and play from age 1. 

Outdoor learning and play

The outdoor classroom also makes up an important part of our learning and play environment in the ECC. All our students from the age of 1-5 go for weekly walks in the local community, in addition to daily outdoor play time in our spacious playgrounds, which includes a forest area, bike paths, several slides, swing sets, sandboxes and designated spaces to climb and practise balancing skills. Outdoor play also contributes greatly to our students' social and emotional learning.