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Group pictures of ISB staff August 2023

Teachers and Support Staff

We believe that the most significant indicator of student learning can be traced to the teacher-student relationship and the level of learning engagement planned for.

In our experience, students learn better when they are actively engaged in their learning, as John Hattie research shows. As a result, when employing, we put emphasis on the pedagogical practice and relationships teachers have with students and how they as teachers enhance each of our student’s learning. This way, we lay the foundation for ISB’s students to reach their potential.

ISB's Core Values: Community, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility are lived by our community and are modeled throughout our school, including by our staff. We see everyone as life-defining mentors who support our students in the classroom and beyond, in engaging learning experiences.

And just like we tell our students that they are life-long learners, so are we.

Therefore, we continually engage in developing our pedagogical practice and professional development is an expectation for all.

We thrive in a collaborative, inclusive and truly international environment.

Group picture of ISB staff members
Personalet 2023-2024

While we certainly are very proud of the fact that we were the first MYP school to be accredited worldwide, we continue to look for new ways to best accommodate the students making sure that we are up to date in making conscious decisions in how we want our learning and teaching environment to be.

Norway is a country where progressive social values and high educational standards are deeply embedded and at ISB we add to this a genuinely international perspective.

The difference we make as teachers