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Please fill in this form if you wish to apply for a leave of absence for your child.

This is only needed for students grade 1 – 10. Please refer to the ISB Handbook for more information about planned absences.
Copies will be given to: homeroom teacher, principal and Director.

From the ISB Handbook:

Planned absences

Planned absences can occur when parents withdraw their child from school for medical and dental appointments or for vacation periods. All such absences should be applied for in advance, in writing, by the parents. Approval of absences can only be given by the School Director, and approval can only be given for a total of ten school days within any one school year.

Please use the appropriate form on the school web site.

When planned absences occur, it is the responsibility of the student and parents to ensure that any work missed is either completed during the period of absence or made up afterwards. Teachers will provide plans or outlines of work for the student to follow when given enough notice in advance.

Please note that ISB has to follow the Norwegian Education Act, Section 2-11

Leave of absence from compulsory education

When defensible, the municipality may upon receipt of an application grant individual pupils leave of absence for up to two weeks.
Pupils who belong to a religious community outside the Church of Norway have, upon application, the right to be absent from school on those days their religious community celebrates as holy. This right is conditional upon the parents ensuring necessary tuition during the period of leave, so that the pupil is able to keep pace with the ordinary teaching when the period of leave is at an end.