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Board of Trustees

About the Board of Trustees

ISB is governed by a democratically elected Board of Trustees. The Board is responsible for establishing school policy and making major decisions such as the approval of the annual budget.

The day-to-day operation of the school is the responsibility of the School Director and Leadership Team as set out within the school’s programme outlined in the Board Policy Handbook.

The Board is constituted of 6 voting members:

  • 3 parent-elected members
  • 1 staff-elected member with a staff-elected deputy
  • 1 company-elected member
  • 1 appointed local community member
  • 1 non-voting member (school director)

ISB Strategic Plan Booklet

All ISB Trustees have the responsibility to:

  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to ISB through community involvement, exhibiting ISB values and acting as an ISB ambassador.
  • Respect others, consider alternate views, be a collegial and positive team player, show integrity, maintain confidentiality and be an effective communicator. Understand the role of a Board of Trustees, specifically in a non-profit environment (i.e., strategic versus operational).  
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a Trustee according to the ISB Policy Handbook.  
  • Have proven leadership experience in the workplace, community, and/or on a prior Board of Trustees. 
  • Are neither an employee of ISB nor spouse of an employee (other than the staff representative on the Board).

Silje Hopland Lien

Board Chair and Child Protection representative.
Company representative since 2020.

Children at ISB: No. 
Nationality: Norwegian.
Occupation: Regulatory compliance manager.
Academic background: BSc

Karl Johnny Hersvik

Community representative since 2021.

Children at ISB: Grade 9. 
Nationality: Norwegian.
Occupation: CEO in Aker BP.
Academic background: Cand. Scient. (second cycle) degree in Industrial Mathematics from the University of Bergen.

Tina Pavlin

Vice Chair and Head of Governance Committee.
Parent-elected member since 2020.

Children at ISB: Grade 8. 
Nationality: Slovenian.
Occupation: Key Account Manager at Philips Norge AS.
Academic background: PhD in Physics from Caltech, USA.

Dheeraj Sharma

Member of the Finance Committee.
Parent-elected member since 2022.

Children at ISB: Grades 6 and 9. 
Nationality: Indian.
Occupation: Head of Sales Operations & Solutions Bid Management at ABB AS - Norway.
Academic background: Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics.

Alexander Lundervold

Parent-elected member since 2023.

Children at ISB: Preschool 3&4 and Grade 1. 
Nationality: Norwegian.
Occupation: Assoc. Prof. of artificial intelligence engineering at HVL & Senior data scientist at Haukeland University Hospital.
Academic background: MSc in pure mathematics and PhD in applied mathematics, both from University of Bergen.

Joe Cook

Staff -elected member since 2021.

Children at ISB: No. 
Nationality: British.
Occupation: Upper School Teacher.
Academic background: BA (hons) Music and Electrical Engineering, PGCE in Secondary Mathematics and dipABRSM in Music Performance.

Yutong PU

Deputy staff-elected member since 2023.

Children at ISB: Grade 1. 
Nationality: Chinese.
Occupation: Preschool Teacher.
Academic background: BA English Language and Teaching, MA International and Comparative Education, MA Linguistics and tilleggsutdanning i barnehagepedagogikk.

Community participation

The Board endorses the concept that parent, staff and student participation in the affairs of the School is essential if the School is to attain and sustain the high level of educational excellence our students deserve.

For that reason, all parents, staff and students are encouraged to express ideas, concerns and suggestions about the School through advisory bodies known as community participation groups.

Currently the Board has:

  • Governance Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Marketing Committee
  • Coordinating and Environment Committee

Advice and feedback received through the community participation groups will be taken into consideration by the Board and the administration in their decision making. However, final decisions will be made based on the Board’s and the administration’s own best judgement.

How do I become a member of ISB's Board of Trustees?

If you wish to join the Board, please contact the head of the Governance Committee, Tina Pavlin, for your candidacy to be considered.