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Parent-Teacher Organisation

Welcome to the PTO

The Parent-Teacher Organisation provides additional resources and improves facilities through fundraising which helps pay for school supplies and equipment. Every parent or guardian of a ISB child and school staff are automatically members of the PTO. There is no fee.

The PTO meets regularly at the school, and all parents/guardians are welcome to attend as there are a wide range of activities and ways to be involved.

The PTO raise funds for things that do not fall within the realm of a typical classroom experience. The funds that are raised are returned to students as field trips, enrichment programs, and other activities that help them experience things outside of the classroom curriculum.

The PTO also helps create a sense of community among school families through family fun events, and school performances.

There are many ways you can help with PTO. There is no task too small or too big. Any help is appreciated whether it’s helping man a bake sale for an hour to chairing an event. By volunteering you will help raising money to fund the many various programs that strengthen our school.


To help new families settle in Bergen, the PTO has put together a booklet called “PTO’s Welcome Booklet – A guide to life in Bergen”.


Read the 2013 PTO Charter here.


  • To be goodwill ambassadors for the school;
  • To be a fundraising body for school projects;
  • To be responsible for organizing events for children, parents and the community;
  • To provide a supporting role to the school when the wider community is involved.

The PTO hopes to make your school experience an enjoyable one while you are living in Norway. Starting a new school can be very exciting at the same time stressful for both students and parents especially locating those extracurricular activities your child loves. One of the ways we can ease your transition is providing a link to the activities and clubs in Bergen.


All of our events are publicisied through the school newsletter and social media.

It is possible to order school clothing at PTO events.