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Support and Donations

ISB continues to be grateful for the support of our community. This includes current families, alumni, sponsoring companies and the local municipality. If you wish to donate, please see below for details or contact us at

As a not for profit organisation all funds are invested in our students.  Annually we appeal to our  Community and additionally  ‘ask’ for a  Voluntary Levy. This Levy enables us to fund additional opportunities which are beyond our operating budget. 

All donations to our Voluntary Levy collectively transform learning opportunities, enhance integration and promote collaboration. This contributes to the learning opportunities our children encounter throughout their years at ISB to eventually become responsible members of our global alumni community. 

Items funded by the Voluntary Levy are outside the operating budget and allow for further impactful learning opportunities.  This year the Levy will go towards extensive renovations and new furnishings of the Community Cove, the ISB library. 

Research shows that promotion of reading leads to long-term success in students’ lives. Therefore, we want to encourage our students by giving them an even more inspiring learning space. We also want our students to have a collaboration space where they can be creative and form new ideas, promote writing and make the Community Cove’s mission become a reality.

‘ISB Community Cove is a space to spark curiosity, where ideas meet and learners are equipped with skills to adapt and thrive’

To reach our goal of expanding the concept of such a learning space, we need the participation of all of our community. Our aim for this year is to raise 300 000 NOK together. Every contribution matters.  Thank you for helping us make the school an even better place.

We look forward to updating you on our fundraising effort. 


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