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The International School of Bergen - providing an internationally accredited education serving the business and Bergen communities.


Shaping the future with caring and confident citizens of the world.


The purpose of the Foundation is to provide an internationally accredited education serving the business and Bergen communities and thereby foster in young people intercultural understanding and a respect for human rights towards the furtherance of a more tolerant, peaceful and globally responsible society. The Foundation operates on a not-for-profit basis. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees.


Internationalism/Interculturalism in education at ISB is characterized by the development of the knowledge, attitudes and skills which empower us to know ourselves, celebrate diversity, respect and express multiple perspectives and become responsible contributors to the global society. An international education facilitates a holistic approach which promotes the development of transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary skills and knowledge. The ISB community is made up of internationally-minded people who demonstrate a willingness to learn from others and their experiences, and reflect on how they can take action to create change or make a difference towards a more just and peaceful world.