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Mission and Vision


The International School of Bergen - providing an internationally accredited education serving the business and Bergen communities.


Shaping the future with caring and confident citizens of the world.


The purpose of the Foundation is to provide an internationally accredited education serving the business and Bergen communities and thereby foster in young people intercultural understanding and a respect for human rights towards the furtherance of a more tolerant, peaceful and globally responsible society. The Foundation operates on a not-for-profit basis. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees.

ISB Definition of Learning  and Teaching

Learning at ISB starts a lifelong process of inquiry that develops skills, competencies and transferable conceptual understanding in authentic real world settings. There is an integral focus on the character of the individual, their collaborations within the community, having agency and taking action in a changing world. 
Learning is facilitated by a team of dedicated, skilled, inquiry based educators and pastoral staff devoted to creating an inclusive, supported, joyful environment for learning that goes  beyond the classroom. 

Global Citizenship Statement

Through Global Citizenship we empower learners to actively participate in seeking solutions to further develop an inclusive,  diverse and sustainable world.